The field of communications includes all technologies that provide networks, signals, computer services, etc. Examples include telecoms, radio, voice systems, mobile services, broadband, streaming services and cable TV. The industry is growing significantly due to the development and implementation of 5G networks and wireless access points connecting various smart cities. Connectors are an important link between cables carrying data/power and devices such as antennas that record and quickly exchange information.

Many of the SIGNA product ranges are suitable for use in the communications sector. Our connectors are perfectly suited for mobile applications such as RET antenna installations, mobile base stations for tracking and monitoring systems and lift controllers. Binder connectors routinely used in the telecoms industry are: M9, M12, plug-in and the AISG-compatible M16 series. They are available with soldered or crimped wiring, are IP67 rated and have 360° shielding. Binder also offers customised products for harnesses, wired products, different core counts and different wiring methods.

Certificates and Standards

DIN and IEC 

UL and CE Certified 

RoHS and REACH compliant  

CAN bus, PROFIBUS, Ethernet, EtherCAT, PROFINET, PoE, IEEE 802.3. 

High Flex, Abrasion and Chemical resistant cables  

Up to IP68/IP69K rating (suitable for outdoor use)  

ISO 9001 

ISO 14001

Typical Applications

Radio communication


Voice systems