To keep critical applications running continuously, the medical and healthcare industries rely heavily on the connectivity of their equipment. Connectors used in medical devices must meet the most demanding standards. As a result, connectors for medical devices must be highly reliable and they must also be able to withstand frequent sterilisation processes.

SIGNAL connectors are used in healthcare applications such as patient monitoring, Doppler probes, cosmetic and dental instruments. Plastic insertion and removal, push-pull locking and snap-locking designs make Segner connectors the ideal solution for this industry. Centagna can provide customised products and flexible solutions for customers, including: wire harness processing, rectangular connectors, different core counts and different wiring methods.

Certificates and Standards

UL, CE Certification

RoHS and REACH compliant

IP67 and IP68 rating

Fully and partially resistance to cleaning disinfectants

Biocompatibility according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5

FDA compliance to Regulation (EC) No. 596/2009

Meet DIN EN 60601


ISO 9001

ISO 13485

ISO 14001

Typical Applications

Therapy Units


Infusion pumps

Doppler Probes & Ultrasonics

Patient monitoring and cardiac support systems

Cosmetic and dental tools