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There are several forms of connection of industrial connectors

Release time: 2024-01-26

Author: Signal

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  1.Threaded connection


  A connection form often used by some large contactors and electrical connectors that operate in strong vibration environments. This form of connection can be fitted with a fuse after the connection has been made to prevent loosening. The connection is reliable, but the disadvantage is that the connection and unloading speed is slow.


  2. Bayonet connection


  Bayonet connection is a reliable and fast form of connection and disconnection. Most of the industrial connectors in the form of bayonet connection have the correct connection and locking intuitive display, which can be observed from the small holes on the side of the industrial connector connection nut.


  3. Plug connection


  It is a multi-purpose connection form. When the plug and socket of the industrial connector connection separation, their direction of movement is usually reciprocating linear movement, no need to twist and rotate, only need a small workspace to complete the connection and unloading. There are two common configurations for plug and socket connections: ball or pin. As there is no mechanical labour-saving mechanism, once misplugged, the mechanical resistance increases significantly and problems can be detected in time.


  4. Cabinet connection type


  Cabinet connection type is used for some close to the frame needs to be blindly connected to the equipment on the industrial connector, can make the electrical equipment lighter and smaller, easier to maintain and more reliable. This form of connection so that the operator does not feel the connection, so it is necessary to design an accurate positioning device to avoid misplugging electrical connectors are forced to connect together, making misplugging impossible. Cabinet electrical connectors are often constructed with a floating or flexible contact design to ensure they are connected correctly.